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May 31, 2008

Tornado Sirens......

Jimmy and I were woken from a sound sleep at around 4:00 AM this morning to tornado sirens. When we turned the news on we were shocked to discover there was a major system moving through to the north of us with the lower south edge of the storm moving right over us. So we got up and headed downstairs in the event we needed to go to the only room in our home without windows. Thankfully we didn't have to take cover.

Here is a picture of radar:
This picture was actually after the store moved past us. I the yellow boxes indicate the tornado warning areas. YIKES.....

The Memorial PGA Tournament, which is taking place about 4 miles from our home, has been put on a Tornado delay until 10:33 AM this morning. Jimmy went to the tournament.

May 27, 2008

Lost a man.....

Jimmy, my husband, had gastric bypass 15 months ago. Prior to surgery he lost 70 lbs to make room in his abdomen for the doctor to work the laparoscopic scopes. Since surgery he has lost another 200 lbs. WOW.... Check out his before and after pics.
Jimmy's path to surgery was not an easy one. Nor was it one taken lightly. You can check out his story on his blogs by clicking the links below:

May 21, 2008


Wow..... Can you believe it is the end of May already? Who has started Christmas Knitting? Who has started Christmas shopping?

So there are six projects over to the right there that I am currently working on and affectionately referred to as WIPs (works in process). Here are some updates:

I finished the bath puff this morning and can't wait to use it in the shower tomorrow. I didn't push to get it done last night since a knitting friend asked me to bring it to knitting tonight and I didn't think she wanted me to use it first :-)~

Below we have an updated picture of the 1st pair of 2-at-a-time socks for Donna. I measured her foot this morning to ensure a good fit. Poo was patient enough to model them....

Ahhhh the Komb for the Boudoir. I really like this project for two reasons. It will solve the what to cover the bed with once we finally make over our bedroom. I will be making two of these and they will fit nicely together on the bed. Also the yarn I am using was FREE. Can't beat that... Mom sent home three boxes of yarn earlier this year.

Poo also modeled another pair of 2-at-a-time socks. This pair is for Jimmy. I love the striping.

No change on the status of the Clessidra or the Bucilla Arans to report today. I will pick those projects back up after a while. I have to finish the Bucilla by the end of August and the Clessidra by the end of November.

May 13, 2008

Where flowers bloom so does hope. -Lady Bird Johnson

Do I have a stalker?

Today brought sunshine and with that sunshine came some planting of flowers. Lindsey stopped over while the gardening was being tended to and took some pictures!

The Clematis are blooming already!

The extend of Jimmy's gardening. That isn't true. He went with me to the garden center and patiently walked the green house while I oooohhhhed and ahhhhhhhhed.

Ahhhh and now I am married to the garden hose for the summer.

I estimate I am about 80% finished planting and cleaning up the backyard. Then on to spring cleaning. Does anyone wash windows (we have 22).

Thanks again for taking pics Lindsey! To view more of these fine pictures check out Lindsey's Flicker Album here:

True Love...

True Love.....

One of the elements of love for me is my unconditional need to protect my mate. This is not limited to scratching out eyes or kicking shins when necessary.

I am currently dealing with feelings of protectiveness over "something" another person intentionally or unintentionally neglected to do towards my mate. Upon discussion with a wiser person than myself I have determined that to bring it to this persons attention would not serve any purpose and might only piss them off which would cause bigger problems.

So it is here I am going to get it off my chest. The funny thing is this "something" totally rolled off my mates back with a laugh. But I on the other hand am harboring feelings of anger and unrest. So this is my attempt to write it out and let it go.

My step-dad would tell me two things right now.
1. do not and he would repeat DO NOT stoop to "their" level.
2. 10 years from now this will not make a damn bit of difference.

I miss you Ray!

P.S. I was really listening all those years even though my lip was dragging on the ground in a pout most of that time. And guess what? My face didn't freeze that way! :-)~

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