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March 7, 2011

Did YOUR Grandma Knit That? Issue Two

Yep. She probably did and I have hand written notes to prove it!  Right off the bat I can tell this pamphlet was well loved. Some of the pages are detached from staples holding it all together.


My Grammy and mom both loved knitting cables. Mom can't knit much anymore. Arthritis in her fingers make it too painful for her to knit. :-(


Flipping through I found two hand written notes in Grammy's handwriting. There is also a cigarette burn on the page above. Grammy had quit smoking in the late 1970's / early 1980's so this pamphlet has had some mileage. 


Ummmm check out the shirt under the vest. If that doesn't scream 1970 disco then I am not sure what does.


Seriously would you force your child to wear that jumper? Better yet would you wear it?


March 1, 2011

Did YOUR Grandma Knit That? Issue One Supplement

Hello again....

I thought I would share a couple more photos from Bernat Men Book No. 169.  Mad About Ewe was kind enough to leave a comment about the belted vest. This is for you! 



Did YOUR Grandma Knit That?

Welcome to installment one of DYGKT. 

My Grandma, whom I affectionately called Grammy, was a serious knitter. With any serious knitter you will find a stash. Grammy's stash contained a pile of vintage knitting pamphlets and I am going to share them with you, my blog reading friends. 

Today I am going to share Bernat Men Book No. 169, which was published in 1970. 


Where you alive in 1970? I was barely school age when this hit the knit scene. 

Check out some of these fashions. I tell you this brings back sweet memories of Grammy knitting day in and day out. That cover sweater has actually been on my mind for a couple years now. I really want to make this sweater. However, the body is knit in like 100 pieces (me exaggerate?). There is a front, back and two side panels. Perhaps this might be my breakout in redesigning to knit in the round. HUMMMM 

Here are some more beauties found inside this pamphlet:



These scream sexy to me!

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