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December 30, 2009

2010 goals...

These are some of my 2010 personal goals. Well the ones I am willing to share here publicly.

Knit, at a minimum, 6 items for donation. I am donating all my knitting time during the 2010 winter Olympics to charity knitting.

Read 12 books. Going to try to pick books with a bit more substance than most of my 2009 reading list.

Spend more time listening to friends and family and less time talking.

Box of yarn and some things....

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

Yesterday was Christmas all over again.... A box of yarn and stuff arrived from Knitpicks. What was inside?

13 balls Camel Heather Swish Superwash - for Jimmy's vest

16 balls Cream Palette - to be combined with some lace to make a Thermal

4 balls Nutmeg Swish DK - glove yarn that may not be gloves after all (more later as this story develops)

1 Wood Needle Tips Sz 7 (4.5mm) - can never have too many needle tips

1 Needle Cables 24inch - seriously where do all my cables go?

1 Needle Cables 32inch - Poo did you run off when them?

December 29, 2009

32 books read in 2009 - goal for the year was 24!

I far exceeded my goal to read 2 books a month this year. I am planning to read at least one book a month in the coming year.

December 28, 2009

2009 Knitting FO's

Here is an inventory with Ravelry project page links and some of the photos of hand knitted items I started and finished during the 2009 calendar year. WOW I should try to estimate the yardage of yarn used. On second thought it is probably best I don't.....

Started 11/22/09 finished 12/28/09

Balaclava # 2
Started 12/20/09 finished 12/24/09

Bountiful Bohus (Jalapeno Steeks)
Started 11/7/09 finished 12/23/09

Balaclava # 1
Started 12/16/09 finished 12/19/09

Maltese Fisherman's Hat
Started and finished 12/14/09

Huggable Hedgehog # 3
Started 10/09 finished 12/13/09

Felted Clogs
Started 11/1/09 finished 12/13/09

Encore Worsted Kids Socks
Started 12/8/09 finished 12/9/09

Slouchy Hat
Started 12/5/09 finished 12/6/09

Pastaza Skull Cap
Started and finished 11/27/09

Sideways Rib Cowl Modified
Started 11/15/09 finished 11/21/09

Not so itchy fingerless mitts
Started 11/13/09 finished 11/19/09

Hourglass Eyelets
Started 8/22/09 finished 11/15/09

Surprise BDAY Gift (Scarf for Mom)
Started 11/5/09 finished 11/12/09

iPhone Headphone Felted Case
Started 10/2009 finished 11/11/09

Christmas 2009 - Gift # 7 (Pond Vine & Leaf Beret)
Started 10/31/09 finished 11/7/09

Christmas 2009 Gift # 6 (scarf)
Started 10/30/09 finished 11/1/09

Christmas Gift # 3 - 2009 (Kitty Catnip toys)
Started 7/10/09 finished 11/1/09

422 Bella's Mittens
Started 10/25/09 finished 10/29/09

Christmas 2009 Gift # 4 (purple yarn stash busting)
Started 10/28/09 finished 10/28/09

Snickerdoodle Luxe
Started 9/4/09 finished 10/25/09

Sony eBook Reader Cover with Button Closure
Started 10/17/09 finished 10/18/09

He is a Hot Head (made two hats for Jimmy)
Started 10/16/09 finished 10/18/09

Deux Elm Row
Started 10/4/09 finished 10/13/09

5 Dish Wash Rags
Started and finished in September

Black September
Started 9/20/09 finished 9/24/09

Kauni Ribbed Mitts
Started 8/30/09 finished 9/12/09

Kauni Raha Scarf
Started 8/21/09 finished 9/6/09

Cherry Air Raid
Started 8/8/09 finished 8/17/09

Slipped Stitch Iron
Started 7/21/09 finished 8/4/09

Woven Stitch Socks
Started 6/23/09 finished 7/19/09

Christmas Gift (hedgie) # 2 - 2009
Started 5/11/09 finished 7/14/09

Alpaca Cozy Softy Socks
Started 7/4/09 finished 7/8/09

Jubilee KAL with Molly
Started 6/29/09 finished 7/5/09

Garter Ribs Socks
Started 6/12/09 finished 6/21/09

Clap 2x's
Started 3/16/09 finished 6/20/09

Pour me a Bordeaux Eunice
Started 5/11/09 finished 6/9/09

Started 5/12/09 finished 5/28/09

Christmas Gift (hedgie) #1 - 2009
Started 3/12/09 finished 5/10/09

Woodsmoke Do Over
Started 2/8/09 finished 3/6/09

Komet KAL with Molly
Started 2/16/09 finished 3/2/09

Molly's Knitted Flower Project
Started 1/4/09 finished 2/24/09

Ragg Hiker Socks
Started 2/4/09 finished 2/7/09

Top Down Hat II
Started 1/14/09 finished 1/15/09

Top Down Hat
Started 1/10/09 finished 1/11/09

Cold Tea is Sad
Started 1/3/09 finished 1/3/09

A good fit....

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter
We finally nailed a good fit!

That look.....

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter
This was the look on Austin's face when he opened his hedgehog. Priceless.......

December 23, 2009

1,000,000 Giraffes....

One Million Giraffes by 2011.... That is what is being collected over at the One Million Giraffes website. It started as a bet that turned into a big deal. Check it out here! Currently they have collected 465,758 and need 534,242 in just 373 days before 2011.

The perfect hat....

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

I am on a mission these days... To make Jimmy the perfect hat. Sunday after hanging out with Kristie at Panera for breakfast, we went to Knitters Merc and he picked out this amazing yarn. The brand is Ty-Dy and let me tell you this yarn fits the bill. It is going to make a vibrant hat. I really really hope this on fits like a glove!

December 21, 2009

Steeking done

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter
I finished steeking my Jalapeno sweater this weekend. I have also finished the button hole band. Now I have the other button band to knit, sew on the buttons and weave in ends. Not long until it is finished.

We did take many many pictures of the steeking process I used so stay tuned for a detailed blog posting.

Wow! Just WOW.....

Today's Knitting Daily email provided a link to this video. WOW!

What is wrong with this picture?

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

December 17, 2009

Unused Wool?

This week is my husband's and my annual goal setting week so I have been thinking about my personal goals for 2010. I have decided to donate my knitting time from 2/12/10 through 2/28/10, the time frame of the 2010 Winter Olympics, to creating only charity items. I have joined Team Global Knit for Ravelympics 2010 team. If you are a knitter you should check out the Ravelympics on Ravelry. I have heard it was lots of fun during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Here is where you can help!

Do you have any odds and ends of wool (content must be 70% or greater of wool or animal fiber) laying around that you wont be using? Do you want to provide the yarn and I will do the work of knitting?  If so please contact me at and we can make arrangements for gathering/shipping.


Global Knits

December 15, 2009

Poo and Hedgie.....

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

I can't stand how cute this picture is!


Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

Disclaimer: My strong opinion will be reflected in this posting. DON'T JUDGE! ;-)

Last week I met up with Heather at Staufs for coffee and knitting. I love to people watch at Staufs and that evening provided a great deal of "goofy" people watching. So sometime during our conversation I confessed that I really HATE hats with ear flaps. Now I think they are darling on little kids. Adults not so much.... Just my opinion.

OK so one of the folks in Staufs that night was a grown man wearing an ear flap hat with a cow head. Heather and I decided that he must have lost a bet. It was good laugh material anyway.

Friday morning Jimmy drove me to work and it was wicked cold here in Columbus Ohio. Early in the drive I noticed Jimmy tugging at the bottom edge of his hand knit cap. He turned to me and said can you make me a hat with ear flaps?


Later that morning I emailed Heather to share Jimmy's request. Below is the email thread!

From: Cath
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 9:00 AM
To: Heather
Subject: don't laugh

so this morning..... jimmy drove me to work. he put one of the hats on I made him and said "for some reason this hat doesn't fit me anymore and I want a hat with earflapssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" OMFG I have to knit a hat with earflaps. can you believe it? I didn't have the heart to tell him the conversation I had with you last night. i thought you would get a kick out of that...... i am off to hunt down a pattern and yarn for a hat with earflaps. ;-)


On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 11:57 AM, Heather wrote:

Karma, my friend. Karma. Make fun of a cow hat with earflaps and it comes back to haunts you every time!



Yesterday I knit Elizabeth Zimmerman's Maltese Fisherman's Hat. I like this hat because it isn't just ear flaps. It actually has a band that continues around the back of the lower neck. Jimmy thinks it looks like the old fashioned football helmets or a vikings hat.

I hope it keeps him warm!

December 14, 2009


Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

I walked in the door tonight to this...... I felt so spoiled.

Finishing Christmas Gifts Knit-Together

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

Heather hosted a little knitting get together on Saturday. She had asked me to help her finish a hedgehog she was knitting for her niece and I had another I was working on too.

Kristie and Heather knitting away on Christmas gifts.

Even Heather's kitty Squeak modeled Duchesses Calorimetry.

Joanne was quite festive with her Christmas hat.

By the end of the evening both Heather and I had the knitting finished on our hedgies. We had great food, Christmas music and wonderful conversation. Thank you Heather for opening your home to us. I had a GREAT time!

December 11, 2009

Hat happy....

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

I just love gifting knitted items made from my hands. Rachel was so happy with her birthday slouchy hat. That smile says it all! :-)

Check out my project page on Ravelry here...

Renaissance - nope!

I really think this yarn, which is Knitting Notions Classic Merino Sport, I bought on a clearance rack at A Wool Gathering: 

wants to be the Renaissance from Knitty:

But upon further investigating I discovered that the pattern calls for an Aran weight and this yarn in my stash is sport. Back to the drawing board sam!

December 10, 2009

An evening of gross

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

Ever wonder what trace germs are on the money in your pocket or in your hand? I had this $5 bill in my pocket this evening and it took a nose dive into the toilet. I was left with the decision to flush it or pull it out. Well I went after it. I proceeded to scrub the bill along with my hands. I still feel like I need to have a scalding shower though.

Later when I arrived home I discovered my angel kitty Kiki puked on our kitchen table. Now you will never, well 99.9% of the time, never see her on any of our counters/tables. She only does this when we are not home but normally there isn't proof. Today she left proof. I know it was her because of the black fur ball tucked nicely into the puke (see the upper portion of the pile).

Why am I sharing this with you? Well in the name of transparency I don't want you to feel left out! Hey I have to share this crap with someone so why not you?


Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

So a few weeks ago Heather asked me if I would knit some socks for the Cedar Foundation. The socks are being sent to disabled orphans and adults around Bulgaria. She even passed along a hank of Peace Fleece yarn to knit them with. The hank had 200 yards so I decided to make some kids socks. These are so darn cute and I finished them in 24 hours. The best part is I still have over half the yarn left so I am going to make another pair after the Christmas and New Years.

Pattern: Encore Worsted Kids Socks

December 8, 2009

December 2, 2009

Sock 1 finished - Rivendell

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter

I finished the first sock of my Rivendells last night. I immediately cast on the second sock because I really was feeling the pull of second sock syndrome. I have to march through and get it done! Go here to view the Ravelry project page for details.

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