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October 30, 2007

WOYNW - 10/31/07

Its time for the weekly update of WOYNW.

New castings:

I casted, ripped, casted, ripped and casted the Cozy project this week. I am into the fourth lace repeat for this pattern. I am really enjoying it now that I have a handle on the pattern. I would like to thank Molly knit7stitchestogetherallatonce for helping me get back on track with this project Friday night. I was very close to scraping this pattern and I am so glad I didn't.

Progress picture of Cozy:

In progress:

Surprise project

I have made huge progress on this during the week. I would say it is 80% complete.

Progress picture for surprise:
hahahaha NOT here (check ravelry)

Head Scarf
No change

No change

Projects in limbo:

Brown socks for DH. Well I finished the first sock of the pair and DH tried it on. Well he tried anyway. I guess I went down too much on the needle size. He had told me the first pair were a little big so I made an adjustment. I am close to being over the denial and then I will rip out the first sock and reknit it.

I feel like a princess today....

Today is my birthday and I feel like a princess today. It is a beautiful day here in Columbus Ohio. The sun is out and it is almost 60 degrees. It is somewhat funny. I grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario in Upstate New York and I always wished for snow. About 50% of the time, my wish came true. Now that I am older and wiser, I dread snow and thankfully this birthday I will not see any.

When I woke up at 5:30 AM today I found my husband next to me and a cat on either side of my feet. This was a perfect way to wake up. I think it may be a first for the two cats to be sleeping that close to one another. Ahhhhh all is right in the magical kingdom.

At lunchtime, my wonderful husband arrived at my office to take me to lunch. In his arms, he carried red roses too.

After lunch a Knitpicks yarn order arrived. Oh all the wonderful sock yarn so that I can participate in the KAL (knit along) I joined starting 11/1.

This evening we are having dinner with a couple friends at the Bone Fish Grill. Before dinner we are meeting at my friend Arla's house for cocktails. What a wonderful day it is.

Below are some pictures from Arla's house:

Jimmy, Arla & Greg ........................................... Jimmy, Cath & Greg

I feel very special today.

October 23, 2007

WOYNW - 10/24/07


This week has really been a week of unfortunate news on a couple fronts. First we learned Jimmy's step dad has Stage 4 Cancer. Second we had an update on Kiki's (our lovely kitty cat) first mom is in ICU and very sick. She is on a waiting list for a liver transplant. If you are the praying type please keep them in your prayers.

Jimmy is leaving Friday to make the 2.5 hour trip down to visit his folks. I am staying in town. I have invited anyone from my knitting group to come over to sit and knit on Friday evening. There have been two yes and one maybe responses so I am pretty excited. Something happy in the gloom of news.

Now to the fun stuff...
Finished this week:

A pair of socks for Jimmy ~ I haven't been able to get finished sock pictures since he has worn, washed, and worn them again since finishing them on Friday. :-)

A pair of socks for myself ~ I finished them at a little Sit and Knit we had on Sunday. I have them blocked as they were a bit snug but all comfy now. I am going to wear them on Wednesday so that I can show them off at our knitting group Wednesday night. :-)

Whats on the needles:
Brown socks for Jimmy:

Secret project: I did frog the original pattern started for this project. I found another pattern that I like so much more than the original one. The name of the pattern is totally fitting too. I am so excited about this project.
Head scarf for me: No change since last week

Dishcloth for gift: Ripped out old and started new. I love this one much better.

Shell for me: No change since last week

Frogged this week:

Original dishcloth started - frogged

October 19, 2007

Dork Alert

I feel like a big dork. Anyone who knows me can attest that I have been goofy about the lace weight yarn from Scouts Swag in the colorway Van Gogh. I have been planning to make the Cozy Wrap from Knitty with this yarn.

Well just by chance I ran across the listing in Ravelry for this very pattern and the yarn weight (the pattern at the Knitty site only lists the yarn used to make the pictured finished product and didn't list the weight) listed is WORSTED not LACE. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I should have had a V8! Lesson learned... I must research the yarn weight rather than assume. ASS+U+ME

The good news: I have somewhere between 750 and 800 yards of worsted weight yarn left over from Jimmy's Cobblestone sweater that I can use. It will be tight but I will make it work.

The bad news: Now I have to find a project for the 1,000 yards of lace I adore.

October 17, 2007

Van Gogh - OMG it has arrived!

1,000 yards of lovely lace weight - Zephyr Wool/Silk - VanGogh

Westside Columbus Knitting Group

Pictures of the folks who attended knit group tonight. We had a great time as usual! Go here to see the rest of the pictures that turned somewhat ok.

WOYNW - 10/17/097

Knitting Finished:

Cobblestone Sweater (pictures soon I promise)

In progress:

Shell using leftover yarn for me - I have worked a couple rows of on the front of this project.

Illusion dishcloth for a gift - No progress in weeks. I am actually thinking about ripping this out and casting on a new dishcloth pattern from the Mason Dixon book. I am not wild about how the current dishcloth is looking and there is a really cool pattern in the book that I like and I think the gift recipient will too.

Socks for Jimmy. First sock finished and I am currently working the foot on the second sock

Waterloose Socks for me using the Yarnsmith sock yarn I purchased at Jennifers' 1/2 price yarn closeout sale. I have finished the first sock of this pair.

Head scarf for me - I was inspired by this pattern: but I have made to major modifications. I am using the 90% silk and 10% viscos blend yarn I purchased at Jennifers' 1/2 prices sale rather than the yarn called for in the pattern. Also I am knitting this in garter stitch rather than what the pattern calls for. I am more than half way finished with this piece. My right index finger needed a rest from DPN's (or should I say to heal from all the abuse from the DPN's).

Super Secret Project. 5% done - I have a feeling I have messed up the first repeat of this lace pattern. I am dreading it but I think I have to frog and start over. I am in serious procrastination right now. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (((psssst new pic on ravelry)

October 14, 2007

From sickness to the land of the living

Boy does it feel good to do something normal and not be sleeping 18 hours of the day.... Prior to last Wednesday I had been feeling crappy. On Wednesday I couldn't take it anymore and went home from work after being there for 1 hour. I went home and slept and slept some more. On Thursday I broke down and called my doctor. As unluck would have it he told me I had not only a sinus infection but a lovely ear infection too. I filled my script for antibiotics and then went back to bed to sleep some more. By Saturday I was feeling a little better and today I feel much better. I so look forward to starting the work week tomorrow and returning to the land of the living.

I managed to catch Poo and Kiki sweetly playing with one another during one of my breaks from napping. Believe it or not there wasn't one hiss involved in this play time.

October 8, 2007

Ready set frog it....

I finished the first sock of a pair for Jimmy yesterday.

And while it is just ok... The leg is a bit too big so I am going to frog it and try again. Ok so did I tell you I have a perfectionist streak in me too? I guess that comes with the bean counter in me.....

The grass is gone....

Well they say it is better late than never. A week ago Saturday we, Jimmy, Komet, and I, made the final push and finished the back yard project. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

October 5, 2007

Compulsive? who me?

So over the years I have really tried to develop a habit of going to fitness clubs to regularly work out. I go for a couple weeks and then I start playing the "but I have so much to do" business in my head where before I know it I haven't been in 3 months. The same is true of my current gym membership. We joined a killer brand new gym back in May. This place had just opened a month earlier. The facility is amazing. So I sit back and ask what is the problem this time.... The answer is the same as all the other clubs I didn't continue on with. I don't like working out around other people. I am clumsy and I don't like being watched while moving my body around.

DH and I purchased a Bowflex thingy a couple years ago and while I like using it I haven't been faithful to it. The other day it dawned on me... I have to be entertained and feel like I am busy most of my waking hours. Knitting fulfills this need in me. What better way to stay amused than to have one of these in my house?

I can ride my way through miles of cardio while knitting on.... I have a birthday later this month. I think this just might be a way to help me develop a much needed workout habit in the privacy of my own home. :-)

October 2, 2007

WOYNW - 10/3/07

All three bath mitts are finished

First pair of socks finished

In progress:

1 . Cobblestone Sweater for Hubby - I have knitted the body to the arms. The first sleeve was finished on Monday and the second sleeve was cast on Tuesday.

2. Shell using leftover yarn for me - I have finished the back and have casted on the front and worked one row. I did not work on this project this week.

3. Illusion dishcloth for a gift - I have not worked on this for two weeks.

4. Second pair of socks for Jimmy. I have worked the first sock of a second pair through the heel cup. I did not work on this project this week.

5. Super Secret Project. 5% done - email for more details or check my Ravelry page for details on this project - Ravelry ID = BeanCountKnitter

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