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October 5, 2007

Compulsive? who me?

So over the years I have really tried to develop a habit of going to fitness clubs to regularly work out. I go for a couple weeks and then I start playing the "but I have so much to do" business in my head where before I know it I haven't been in 3 months. The same is true of my current gym membership. We joined a killer brand new gym back in May. This place had just opened a month earlier. The facility is amazing. So I sit back and ask what is the problem this time.... The answer is the same as all the other clubs I didn't continue on with. I don't like working out around other people. I am clumsy and I don't like being watched while moving my body around.

DH and I purchased a Bowflex thingy a couple years ago and while I like using it I haven't been faithful to it. The other day it dawned on me... I have to be entertained and feel like I am busy most of my waking hours. Knitting fulfills this need in me. What better way to stay amused than to have one of these in my house?

I can ride my way through miles of cardio while knitting on.... I have a birthday later this month. I think this just might be a way to help me develop a much needed workout habit in the privacy of my own home. :-)

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mollylouhoo said...

I can read and knit, watch TV and knit, drive and knit (shh, don't tell), but exercising and knitting? Man, that is the holy grail! I just sweat so much. I mean, I sweat like a hog when I exercise. There are a few knitters that run whilst knitting. I'll see if I can track the site down for you.

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