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February 20, 2008

Halfway Point

Hello from Las Vegas..... We have reached the halfway point so I thought I would give a quick update. We have been attempting to cram as many things possible into the time we have. Sunday evening we met up with Mark and had a nice dinner in one of the dozen or so restaurants in the Bellagio. Jimmy and I split a meal so there were only two meals ordered and the bill was still over $200. OUCH since the food was good but not THAT good.

The casinos are fun for about 10 minutes. I can just hear my Mommy, "we work to damn hard for our money to piss it away gambling." I guess I did learn somethings from Mom. :-)

There are many sites and sounds in Las Vegas and they are truly 24 hours a day. The city that never ever sleeps. I witnessed people at the bars at 6 AM drinking. Not sure they were left over from the night before or starting their day right?

We have a wonderful room that overlooks a lake where every 15 minutes from 8 to 12 PM there is a wonderful fountain show. Here are some pics taken from our room:

Yesterday afternoon I took a taxi ($31 dollars ride at that) to a LYS ~ Gail Knits yarn shop. There were 8 or so ladies sitting around knitting. I did purchase some bamboo yarn. I will post some details about that in Ravelry soon. I spent a couple hours chatting and knitting with them which left me missing my knitting group. So have a cup of Joe for me tonight ladies. I miss you!

Jimmy and Mark came to pick me up and we took a drive to Hoover Dam. It was cool to drive from Nevada to Arizona and back again while seeing an amazing sight. I will post some pics from the dam soon. We did have dinner at a Cheese Cake Factory and for those of you who live in Columbus you may know how long the wait is to get in at Easton. Well we were able to at 6 PMish walk in and be seated. I asked the hostess if they had just opened and she said they have been open 3 years. I was shocked. Perhaps a bit of market saturation with places to eat? You would never know it with the prices of food.

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