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July 9, 2009


For some reason I am drawn to lace. I just love it almost as much as I love cables. I am discovering I love lace knitted in heavier weight yarn for the pieces I want to wear. This presents a couple dilemmas. First and foremost is all the lace weight yarn in my stash. Second I am about 10 repeats into the stunning Leaf and Trellis Stole.

I think I will be OK with finishing this lace weight project, because I really do love it, but it may take me some time to finish. I have a hard calling to knit a very large triangle shawl in a heavier weight. I am considering the A Handsome Triangle found in Victorian Lace Today. I know I have some Fingering or DK weight yarn in my stash to make this beauty. Hummmmmm

Another thought.... I know I have green lace weight and I know I have green fingering weight. I could put them together and knit a shawl with them. That would stash bust for sure.

1 comment:

mollylouhoo said...

I have caught your contagious lace bug. I actually dreamed about lace last night! I was a wonderful dream :)

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