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November 3, 2009

Rocking Birthday!

I love this time of year. What do I love about it you ask? The leaves. I love watching leaves change from green to brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. I hate when leaves change to ugly shades of crunchy brown though. When leaves get to the crunchy brown stage I am finished with fall/winter. I am ready for spring. The crunchy leave stage usually occurs right at my birthday. It is like the grand finale of a good fireworks display. This year is no exception and I was spoiled.

It started oh about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Krisite gave me this amazing Blue Moon sock yarn Socks that Rock. That alone is enough to cause me to sequel however then she told me she bought it at Sock Summit in Portland. WOW...... This yarn is amazingly soft and RED! Did you know my favorite color is red?

I am pondering making the My Vampire Boyfriend socks with this yarn. Those tomatoes were the last harvest from my garden right before our first frost.

Molly's gifted me with Neighborhood Fiber sock yarn. This yarn is dyed by a local artist and she produces her product in the basement of Wonderknits.

The colors in this yarn are amazing. It reminds me of fall that has been iced over with a light gloss. I haven't found the perfect pattern to marry this yarn with yet. I am on the hunt. Also in the package was a ceramic mug from the Renaissance Fest (thanks Dave for the torture). I wonder if Molly has some how tapped into my brain here because three times I have clicked on a tea mug to purchase and for some reason been distracted to not purchasing. Also included was some Earl Grey Spicy tea and so yummy.

Tami's gift included a bottle of my favorite white wine, Kendall Jackson Chardonnay, wrapped up in a hand felted cozy with leather handles.  Also along the wine theme is a wine cork with leaver opening allowing wine to pour without having to take the cork out.

Have I told you I love the sock that Trekking produces? Well Tami certainly got the message and gave me my second skein. I haven't found a worthy pattern yet but continue to hunt. Perhaps a simple pattern out of Sensational Knitted Socks. Something simple to let the colors pop!

As for my birthday, Jimmy put together a few of our friends and we went to dinner at Casa Patron.  Arla and Steve gave me an Apple Blossom Amaryllis plant. I was acting a bit immature by refering to it as my "Dick Plant". Hey it was my birthday and I can act immature if I wanna. I can't wait until this beauty blossoms and will post pictures!

 There were many margaritas consumed and chips inhaled. It was a lovely evening of talk and laughter.

On Saturday Jimmy, Kristie and I went to Nazareth's for lunch. Rachel, one of the owner's daughter, gave me one of her hand made rice bags. What is a rice bag you ask? This one is made of flannel material and has several cups of rice sewn up inside. Pop this into the microwave and place it on any sore spot that is ailing you. Moist heat that works out the pain. You can also place it in the freezer for a cold pack. If you are interested in ordering one of these, and I highly recommend them, leave me a comment with your email address and I will forward Rachel's contact information. These make GREAT gifts.....


This is the card Jimmy gave me:

Inside the card suggests as we get older to limit ourselves to a couple glasses of wine ~ it doesn't perscribe the size of the glass. ;-)

My mom and mother-in-law gave me some cash. With it I have ordered some yarn. Big surprise! Right? It hasn't arrived yet but I will post it when it does. I have big plans for this yarn. Stay tuned!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful birthday. You all ROCK!


mollylouhoo said...

You are so welcome! We all love you so much :) Now, time to knit some socks!!!!!

Robin said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Knit on!!

NextVanGogh said...

Am so glad you like the yarn! As soon as I saw that color I thought of you.

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