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February 21, 2010

Swirl Shawl

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Hung out at The Yarn Shop yesterday for a bit. Now I will tell you I had already made my first purchase of the day before falling into this one. I will share more about that first purchase later.

I was sitting there knitting away and the ladies whipped this sucker out. OMG I fell into that wonderful knitting infatuation and just had to buy the pattern and yarn immediately. And I did... Now I can think of nothing but casting this on. Enter my problem.

I haven't talked about it since the first of the New Year but one of my 2010 goals was to donate all of my knitting time to charity knitting during the 2010 winter Olympics. I am still in that mode but man do I hear this yarn and pattern singing to me sort of like a brand new lover would be calling out in my head.


NextVanGogh said...

OMG!!! I've been wanting to make that for forever!!!!! Can't wait until you start... I'll have to live through you vicariously. :)

Robin said...

One of the blogs I read had a post about that pattern - she said it was a bear and hard to figure out- I will research and let you know who it was.

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