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May 4, 2010

Sock yarn leftovers

I have accumulated a good deal of left over sock yarn ends. After several attempts at using those ends I believe I have found the winner. Yesterday I stumbled upon Kary's Chevron Scarf pattern and thought hummm that might work.

When I got home last evening I grabbed my sock yarn ends and cast on 36 stitches using the long tail cast-on method. I modified my color changes a little bit. I am knitting the 4 pattern rows with one color and then changing to another color. It is going to leave me with many ends but that is OK because I don't mind sewing in ends. Of course this project may help to change my mind.

I am thinking about sewing them in as I go like I used to do in my early knitting life. I remember stating at knit group early on that I hated having all the ends sticking out so I would sew them as I went. I have since learned this isn't always the best thing to do especially when knitting a garment because sometimes things go wrong and if the ends are already wound in it could cause another round of bad. OK enough rambling.....


Ria said...

I would hang myself if I had to weave in that many ends!!

But the scarf is looking pretty!

Why is Poo naked?? Is he ok?

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Ria ~ We had Poo shaved because he was a matted mess. He has hair three plus inches long in some spots. Since coming down with his skin condition he will not let us brush him so he got shaved. It will be the last time he is shaved though because he didn't bounce back very well. He has to be put under to be shaved and he is getting to old for it. I should post a Poo update to my blog. He was in the hospital for 36 hours last week.

bunnits said...

Poor Poo. We went through that with Polly, my dad's Persian that my mom let get terribly matted after my dad died. I always think they do feel as though they are naked and want to hide.

At least the scarf is pretty. It looks really good. Have fun with the ends!

mollylouhoo said...

This is going to be GORGEOUS!

NextVanGogh said...

Great colors, scarf looks nice!

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