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December 2, 2010


The older I get the more I hate the word resolution. I never get very far with them. There I said it. I make them and I break them almost as fast.

What can make this coming year different? Action! Planning and talking only goes so far. Action will make these resolutions come true.

I have several knitting goals I would like to accomplish in 2011.

1. Knit a few pairs of Cookie A socks. I have 12 patterns and 12 hanks of yarn set aside. I am not going to pressure myself to get all 12 pairs knit. If it happens great if not well that is OK too.

2. 2011 is going to be the year of finishing for me. It is my goal to finish all the projects on my needles 12/31/10 sometime in 2011 or frog it! I don't want to start 2012 with anything that was started prior to 1/1/2011. This is a pretty firm commitment. I plan to take pictures, inventory, and blog all my projects on the needles before the end of this year. There is one project on the needles that will have to be disguised so as not to reveal the surprise to the recipients though (it has to be finished by 9/3/11 anyway hint hint hint). ;-D

3. You are hearing this here first.... I have purchased the first level of the Master Knitting certification process. I want to become a master knitter. My reasoning? I want to take my knitting to the next level. I want to study, research, write about knitting. Oh and swatch and swatch some more. I want my stitches to sing in harmony. This program will give me the structure I need to facilitate that learning I so want to soak up. I would like to finish this level and submit it for review in 2011. If it happens great if it doesn't well then I will probably cry.

What are your knitting goals for 2011?


Ria said...

I'll have to get back to you on the 2011 knitting.

Good luck with the Master knitting!

Stargazer said...

I am joining your journey with the Master Knitter Level 1. I love the idea of your goal of finishing off the WIP currently on my needles before the end of 2011. I have toooo many single socks. My problem is that the next skein is always calling me, and I just can't seem to resist the temptation to see how the new yarn and pattern are going to turn out!

Today I dug out a notebook to use for my WIP for the ML-1. I decided to have a sturdy, zipped binder to keep things together and clean. I will purchase an open binder for submission, so I will actually be working with two binders.

I looked through my entire stash for my cast-on. I have some beautiful Cascade in pink for the color work, and will use some fisherman wool I have had since forever for the swatches. I still need to decide on the materials for the hat, I want something that will be useful once it has passed the critique. Probably something in blues for my granddaughter Raena, who is my faithful companion whenever my needles are busy.

She has her own set of yarns and a simple round loom -- after all, she is only 3, but very proud of her 'knitting' she can actually get most of the loops up and hooked. Of course I have to wind the yarn for her on each round, but it's a start!

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