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June 9, 2011

Not for my BFF

iphone_pic by bean counting knitter
iphone_pic, a photo by bean counting knitter on Flickr.
I started a new pair of socks, BFF Socks by Cookie A, yesterday. They are for me and not for my BFF.  I have been excited to get my fingers into these little cables for a while now. I will have a great deal of air travel in the next few days so these will be a good distraction so long as TSA doesn't object. I have flown a few times now with knitting and haven't had any problems. But you never know....

I don't like to knit with wooden needles this small (because I am pretty hard on my needles and have broken a fair share of them) but TSA recommends wooden needles over metal so I am sacrificing. Hopefully I wont become stressed with turbulence action in flight and snap them. That would suck a big bunch.

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