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January 20, 2008

Animal instinct, repeating, and suck it up!

Poo was already declawed when we adopted him two years ago. However it is apparent kitty cats never lose their animal instinct to sharpen their claws. In this picture Poo is vigorously rubbing his "claws" on Jimmy's storage basket in an attempt to sharpen his weapons. Go Poo Go!

Kiki is our resident princess. Her current thrown of choice is the back of the couch in our office. Isn't she beautiful?

So yesterday we had some pretty darn cold temps here in Dublin Ohio. While riding around with Jimmy he kept tugging at the bottom of the hat I knit for him a couple weeks ago. He informed me that he wished it was 1 inch longer. So off to the LYS we went and I was able to purchase the same yarn/color. Last night while watching The Kingdom I started knitting up a new longer hat for him.

This morning while chatting with a knitting friend and telling her this story she asked what I planned to do with the first hat. I said I am going to donate it. Well she is knits socks for soldiers and suggested I send it to socks for soldiers and designate it a girls hat. So on Wednesday I am going to pass it along to her and she is going to send it with her next donation.

Ahhhhh and finally the bombshell. Currently I am intimidated. I have reached a point where I have to perform a bunch of calculations so that I can place BOOBY DARTS. gasp..... This is where I need to suck it up and just do it. What is the worst thing that can happen here folks? rip it rip it rip it.... Suck it up cath..... Just do it as Nike use to say?


Lindsey said...
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Anonymous said...

Great work.

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