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January 3, 2008

SSS and odds-n-ends

Today is already 1/3 and the cold has set in like a old draft that won't plug up even with the best of insulation. My bones ached today whenever I was outside. If that isn't a sign that I have reached middle age then I don't know what is......

I am halfway through clue one for the SSS and I love the feel of the yarn and the lace pattern. I also like the way it looks so far. Though I have to admit I know why I never became a photographer. See for yourself and you decide:

I forgot to mention that my wonderful mom gave me this Go Knits bag for Christmas. It is sweet and has been with me just about every time I have left the house since finding it on Christmas morn.

Oh and check out Poo sleeping under our desks. Isn't he sweet?

Yesterday I received two little gifts. First, a knitting friend gave me a Knitting Abacus Bracelet. She made it herself. She said that every knitting accountant should have one. It is very cute:

Second, when I arrived home from knitting group last night I found that my latest knitting book ordered had arrived in the mail yesterday:

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