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July 16, 2008

NYC New Law Regarding Calories

What would you do if you walked into your local coffee shop tomorrow morning and saw something like this?

Would you still order it?

New Yorkers try to swallow calorie sticker shock
600 calorie muffins? The first city to adopt law faces unappetizing surprises

This spring, New York City implemented a new "law forcing chain restaurants to post the calorie count of each food in the same size and font as the price."

Picuture obtained here: New Yorkers try to swallow calorie sticker shock

As a frequent purchaser of prepared food in restaurants. I think this would be a good thing for me to make better selections. I can't wait to follow how this works for NYC folks.


Caps said...

OMG another Cappy!! How funny.
Thanks for the comment.

As for your blog, calories obviously aren't a big concern for me. Given my love of the Cupcake. Notice the capitalization. It's that important.

Anonymous said...

OMG! humm I don't want to know whats in my sweet treat! I just want to eat it and be happy! I hope this never comes to GA!

Comment Train,

Becka said...

Wow, I think seeing the calories would be most helpful for me!! I'm trying to lose wt, I need all the help I can get!!
Hey from Becka from the Commenting on Blogs Train from Ravelry!!!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Yummy. That looks delicious

Angie said...

Wow, I had no idea that there are so many calories in the restaurant food. I need to start cooking more.

Anonymous said...

I would really want to see the calories. I know it's boring of me, but having lost over 60 pounds a couple of years ago, I really don't want to be eating 600 calorie snacks!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea. It might encourage restaurants to cut back on portion sizes. :-)

Dk's Wife said...

Well, I know if I seen the actual calories on foods I wanted to purchase (i.e., restaurants, etc.), I would walk away because I will feel so much guilt and shame for wanting to eat those types of foods. Thank goodness that hasn't happened where I live yet. LOL

BTW, I am dkswife from the Rav Blog Train

Ria said...

Your cat is gorgeous! Wow, calorie counts on food. I think that would be good 95% of the time. but sometimes when you just want a treat after a stressful week, it will add to the guilt. just curious. Do they have to put calories on drinks too? i think some of the specialty coffee drinks have higher calories than the snacks.

Pirk said...

No, I would not buy that piece of that cake with almost 400 calories.

It looks good, though.


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