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July 13, 2008

Valance hanging, Kiki blob, and Mojo Lounge

Yesterday we hung the lace valance in the Library. I am totally in love with how this project turned out. Check out the project page in my Ravelry Notebook.

It's pretty rare when Kiki's pretty face is captured in a photo. For some reason she usually looks like a black blob. This picture, while not the clearest, really shows off her pretty face.

So I have been on the edge of my seat since July 1st awaiting the 7/22 issue of Knitscene for the Opulent Raglan pattern. Which I pre-ordered the issue so it would just arrive at my door rather than going to a bookstore on the 22nd and risk other purchases (who me?). Well yesterday morning Jimmy casually hands me an express USPS envelop and says this came for you yesterday. I looked at him like he had turned green and grew fangs and said YESTERDAY????? OMG I ripped the package open and found this:

How can it be that IT was in my house 12+ hours without my knowledge?

Yesterday I ordered Knitpicks Swish DK Yarn in Hollyberry to knit the sweater in for myself. :-) I also ordered Lace Blocking Wires. I have wanted the lace blocking wires for a while but it really came to light after we had the lace valance hung when Jimmy said "the bottom edge isn't very straight". Well the lace blockers will help straighten things up. Also I wanted to make sure my order was over $50 bucks to get free shipping. -) Free is good....

Poo loves the sunshine. :-)

Well he didn't turn green or grow fangs but he did wear green last night for our trip to the Cap. We spent several hours at Mojo Lounge. He is studying for ITIL Service Manager Program . He will be attending the Chicago training listed on that page. Pink Elephant was the sponsor of the conference Jimmy attended in Las Vegas in February ~ the trip I joined him on. Just an FYI....

While he studied I knitted ~ duhhhhh and sipped an espresso martini.

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