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November 28, 2008

Black or Blue Friday Breakfast Shift....

So last year Jimmy got me out of bed at some ungodly hour to go Black Friday shopping. I was miserable and said I will not do this next year. True to my word at 11:30ish last night I went to bed for a nice sweet night of sleep. At 9:00 PM last night Jimmy headed out with our friend Tami to the Jeffersonville Outlet mall and then on to a complete night of shopping.

At 6AM my phone rang informing me the night shoppers were heading in for breakfast. So it is 6:55 AM and the breakfast bread is in the oven but the shoppers are sound to sleep, snores included, on the couch recliners. Even the depressing news on the TV isn't keeping them awake. Now should I wake them to eat? NOT!

This year's holiday season seems to come, for me, at a time of great turmoil. There are many bad things going on in the world and close to home. I am trying to hold on to the positive things in life. The simple things too. Rather than "decking the halls" this year we opted for some simple Christmas lights on the now almost 6 feet tall Rubber Tree plant. I found some LED lights that do not get hot to touch so the live tree wont be harmed.

Speaking of other live plants.... The Christmas Cactus is sprouting some blossoms. :-)

Last week during a lunch hour I was eating and knitting on this glove. I got to the point where the pattern indicated that the thumb stitches be moved to scrap yarn. Yikes.... I didn't have a blunt needled or a sharp one for that matter. Well in honor of MacGyver a small paper clip did the trick of threading the scrap yarn through the stitches. In accounting creativity is generally frowned on but in knitting anything goes. Right?

Random picture of my Suzie Hoodie.

I finally blocked the Elm Row. This is a gift for a friend in New York for Christmas. I am pretty sure she doesn't read this blog? Kiki was happy...

BTW.... For anyone in or near the Columbus area there is a new LYS opening. Here are the details:

Okay, we have a firm date! WonderKnit will be opening Monday, December 1st, with a grand opening at a later date. The shop will be open Wednesday through Monday from 11-7, closed Tuesdays. A website is in development ( The shop is located at 3165 N. High Street in Columbus, 43202. The phone number is 261-YARN. An email mailing list will be put together (and a Rav group) for shop announcements and such. Hope to see you at the shop! (per Cabbage)


Anonymous said...

Elm Row looks great!

Lina said...

Love the Elm Row and your Christmas "tree!"

Dk's Wife said...

The Christmas tree is rocking and your knits are wonderful!

Darcie said...

I would LOVE a Christmas "tree" like yours, but the kids would never forgive me. :) Great job on it!

And great ingeniuty with the paper clip! Only a knitter could be so creative.

rachel joy baransi said...

I absolutely LOVE your christmas plant, trees are a pain..... i'm pro-plant, anti-tree! they're almost as much work as pets or kids... haha! Can i get your address please? you can email it to me at or on facebook!! thanks :)

i'm going to send you a cool christmas postcard from amsterdam!

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