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November 20, 2008

Water Fountain Cont....


Indoor water fountains provide many wonderful benefits. They are relaxing to hear and mesmerizing to watch. There is something about the sight and sound of water that is very positive to all who come in contact with it. Almost anyone can make an indoor fountain without problems. It does not take many things or much time to complete. If you are willing to gather the required items and assemble them as described, you can create your very own indoor water feature that you will enjoy for years to come.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

Water Pump
Water Pump Cover
Power source
Flexible Tubing (must fit pump)
Small copper elbow (for tubing)


Step One

Choose the best container to use. This must be large enough to hold the pump and level on the bottom. Also be sure it is wide enough to allow for the pump and tubing to bend upward along with the rocks that will be placed around it.

Step Two

Obtain all of the other needed items for your indoor fountain. The rocks need to vary in size from small to large. They should also be of varying shapes and colors. You need enough to completely cover the pump and go upwards several inches.

Step Three

Find the best location for your fountain. You will need to place it near a power source for the pump to work. You do not want any one to trip on the cord. The cord should be placed very close to the wall plug. If you are using a table or stand of some type, be sure it is strong and stable. Place the container in the location you choose.

Step Four

Place the water pump in your container. Set the pump in the middle of the container. Make certain the power cord can reach a power source and will not be in the way. Put the cover over the pump after you have connected the tubing to it. You will need to run this tubing up through the center of your rock formation.

Step Five

Place the rocks in your fountain and add water to it. Use bigger rocks on the bottom of the fountain and smaller ones as you go up to create a stack of them around and above the pump. Check the rocks as you are stacking them to make sure they are sturdy enough. Keep the tubing in the center of the stack of rocks.

Step Six

Once you have reached the height you want, cut the tubing and place the elbow in it at an angle that allows the water to flow down the rocks. Add enough water to the container to cover the pump totally. Turn on your newly created indoor water fountain.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can utilize distilled water or put a few drops of bleach in the water to help with algae control in your indoor water fountain.
  • Don't let children help with this project. The water and plugs can create a shock risk.
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bunnits said...

Thanks for the information. I bought a ready-made tabletop fountain a few years ago, but my husband kept saying that the cats would play in it all the time, so I've never gotten it set up. You've inspired me to dig it out of storage and see what happens.

Daisymum said...

What a great idea!!!!!!1

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