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January 16, 2009

Knitting Get-Away

Some friends and I are heading to the woods this weekend to "rough it" for a knitting get-away. Considering it is -10 degrees this morning I am very happy there is a warm fireplace inside our cabin. This is the cabin we are staying in.

I managed to "blow" my back out mid week. It feels a little better today after applying heat all day yesterday and taking some meds to help with the pain. Since we knew early in the week that it was going to be record cold this weekend I decided I needed a warm hat. I am not a hat person. I have a ton of hair and have never really had a need for a hat before but I feel the need to have one now. Here is a top down hat I knit up for me. I used some of the left over Hempwool and some Harmony wool double stranded. The Hempwool matches the Clapotis I made recently. I have enough to make some fingerless mitts too so that I will have a full set of matching warmies.

4 more days until we the people take our country back!


Ria said...

Oh, that seems like such fun!! Have a great time!

Mouse said...

Hi, found you through Train comments on Ravelry, the cabin looks great, hope you had a nice weekend, let us know.

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