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January 6, 2009

Will that mess really be socks?

This beauty is my first flower for Molly's Knitted Flower Project. I had much better luck with it over the first attempt. I am not sure if it was my being tired or the pattern needing tweaked or a combination of both. I had emailed Molly to see if the flower should be closer to resembling a Madonna bra cup rather than a flower. Anyway this one is much better. If you have a few minutes to spare check out her project and support her research.

My Susie Hoodie is coming along. I finally reached a point where the sleeves joined the body. Wont be long before the birth of the hood.

This project has me a little scared. Learning to knit these using the two circular needle method. I have knit socks using dpns and one really long needle (magic loop i guess is the formal name). I want to determine what method I prefer as my method of choice. So far the two circular method is really kicking my butt but I have only gotten through round three so I really can’t judge just yet. They will be Woodsmoke Sock by Anne Hanson in the Knit Picks Essential Dunn Twist colorway. Looks like a big messy pile of needles and yarn if you ask me.....


mollylouhoo said...

Way to knit flowers! Also, I love the teapot cozy. And I love Poo. Please give him snuggles for me.

Anonymous said...

You can do it. Once past the first few rows, it will suddenly become much easier. The safety pins to help hold them together and not turned is a great idea--I learned the 2 circ method that way this past summer and that's what I had to do for a couple of pair. Now they just go like silk.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Molly ~ I will give him snuggles for you for sure. Right now he is running around the house meowing with a milk jug ring in his mouth. It is so damn cute.

Susie ~ thank you for the encouragement.

bunnits said...

Poo looks so comfy. wish I could do two things going on here--one is nap like Poo; the other is get as much knitting done as you do!

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