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October 4, 2009

3.14159... Shawl

It was one of those weeks where it seemed like I was busy but looking back I can't really call to mind what I was busy doing. I know I was able to spend a couple evenings in my studio and I love it! Been knitting up a couple of humble dishcloths.

The front of my Snickerdoodle Luxe has reached the same length as the back so those stitches have been slipped to waste yarn. I have cast on the right sleeve and had to frog it back last night. It has been reknitted past the point where I had to frog and it is on the right track now.

I finally cast on the EZ Pi Shawl I have been itching to knit for months now. We drove down to Huntington yesterday, Jimmy went to the Marshall game while I hung out with the in-laws, so I had lots of knitting time. I am calling it my 3.14159 Shawl.


Ria said...

Those look great!

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I am still lusting after the snickerdoodle :-)

And we must be on the same knitting wave cause I am doing some dish towels right now. Hopefully can wrap them with some nice soaps for stocking stuffers :-)

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