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October 19, 2009

And the world will come to me.....

So lately I have been yearning for an exotic vacation, which would include sand and salt water. I hope sometime in 2010 Jimmy and I will take the long over-due honeymoon we never had when we married in April 2003. In the mean time I can bring exotic places to me through my Sony eBook Reader.

I have had my reader a year now and I attempted to make a felted sleeve for it last year. That sleeve fell short of my expectation. My stitches were not loose enough, which didn't allow enough friction during the felting process. The resulting pouch allowed things to poke through when in my purse.

Saturday night I cast on 50 stitches using leftover Harmony bulky wool. The reader is about 5” by 6.5”. The yarn gets approximately 3 stitches per inch and I added about 30% for length and width for felting.

I should have knitted a few more rows before binding off half the stitches to create the flap but I am ok with the finished result. I decreased 5 stitches and then increased on the next row to create the button hole. I went button diving and found one that reflects a partial view of a globe. I thought it was appropriate.

I am happy to say there aren't any holes to allow things to poke at my reader while in my purse.

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