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March 22, 2010

Knit Happy!

*Note I started writing this post on Sunday but didn't finish it until Monday morning*

Today (Sunday) has been an amazing day. Actually it has been an awesome weekend. The weather has been rocking. Jimmy and I walked around one of the outside malls here in Columbus yesterday. I normally clothes shop twice a year and yesterday was my spring shopping trip. Then we had date night and just spent a lovely day together. :-)

Today (Sunday) I met a friend for tea. After tea we found ourselves at Knitters Merc and I fell hard. I have a confession. I hate my upper arms so I thought perhaps having a couple shrugs in different colors would be just the way to cover up my arms yet still take advantage of summer tops that are short/no sleeves. On Saturday I picked up a black shrug while shopping with Jimmy. At Knitters Merc I picked up this yarn:

I think I will make the Little Peacocks by Sarah Hoadley shrug with this yarn. Here is a pic of Little Peacocks:

I also picked up some needles and a Knit Happy travel mug. I take tea with me in the morning to work and this mug is perfect!

This is my current favorite tea. YUM!

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