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March 9, 2010

Spindle Spinning.....

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For some reason I have been drawn to this book. Previously I didn't have interest in spinning my own yarn until this book. It would take away from my knitting time. I still don't have desire to use a spinning wheel, at this point, but I am drawn to the spindle.

Stay tuned.....


Boud said...

I agree, I love spindle spinning, didn't like the wheel. I've spun quite a bit from raw fleece, to use in tapestry work. But I havent' learned to ply, so if you do that you're ahead of me!!

Boud in rav

Miss Amy said...

I'm glad you like the spindle spinning. I tried and got the hang of it but don't care to much for the start and stop of it all. I have my mind set on a wheel. So maybe when I have time to focus on a spinning I will get one.

Can't wait to see some of your yarn!


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