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February 9, 2011

Knitting Podcasts

I have been trying out some podcast lately. To be totally honest I was pretty pissed off with the sudden exit of Lime & Violet last year. The way they left so abruptly was a disservice to their fan base. I know there was something underlying causing them to leave so hastily but it was still like a death to me. I had to go through my grieving process.

What I learned is I can't be podcast monogamous. Just like with my knitting, I can't have just one podcast. So I have found 5 podcast I enjoy on a regular basis. I have listened to them for a few months now. I haven't caught up from the beginning of them as of yet but plan to eventually.

Below are the five I listen to and I hope you will give them a try. If there are any you enjoy please leave a comment with the website link so that others, including myself, might give them a try too.

Listed in no particular order:

1. Knitmore Girls
2. Manic Purl
3. Yarngasm
4. Spin Control
5. Knit Knit Cafe


Susie said...

I love Yarngasm! Kristin is so sweet and fun. I'll have to check out your other suggestions.

yarnsalad said...

When I'm done #knitchatting with you, I'll list a few more. There are probably more than a hundred knitting podcasts out there and lots of them are very good!

yarnsalad said...

Cast On
Sticks & String
CogKnitive Podcast
Electric Sheep
Caithness Craft Collective
Cloudy with a Chance of Fiber
Here's to Ewe
Knit Naturally
Knitting History
Knitting Pipeline
Never Not Knitting
Yarns from the Plain

and probably a few more I forgot...

Gina said...

The two I listen to most are The KnitWits and Knitmore Girls.

My husband likes listening to them with me. He really likes The KnitWits, as he can relate to Rick's being a non-knitter and having to deal with the stuff that comes with this craft. Plus, they're hilarious.

We tried listening to CogKnitive (Dr. Gemma) and just couldn't do it. There was something about her voice.

So, I started the Sticks and String podcast and he said that he really liked David's voice and that he sounded interesting.

I also sometimes listen to the KnitPicks podcast.

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