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April 27, 2011

Downsizing, Mothproofing & Decoupage with yarn labels!

My step dad, Ray, passed away 18 years ago this month. It is still very hard not having him in our daily lives. He was an awesome man. For a while Ray rented out some storage space in his manufacturing building. The people stopped paying and never picked up their stuff. So after a few years Mom and I went digging through the stuff.

We found this old cedar chest. Mom cleaned it up and covered it with satin and lace for me. This is actually the second round of covering.



This last round of covering was done in approximately 1990. It was looking rough. I had read an article about decoupaging with yarn labels recently and the idea struck to use the pile of yarn labels I had accumulated over the years to spruce this cedar chest up.


Cedar is a natural moth repellent. Many older homes have cedar closets. My Grandparents home had one.  


It was fun applying each label to the chest. I thought about each of the projects knit with the different yarns. It made me so happy.


I had enough labels to cover the front side completely. I will continue to collect yarn labels and finish the sides and back in the future.


Jimmy and I have embarked on minimizing our stuff. I have stuff I have moved 5+ times over the last 15+ years. Some of it hasn't been touched since it was brought into the house. I am ready to purge stuff including yarn.  I intend to downsize my yarn stash to fit into this cedar chest. I have some thoughts on how I will de-stash most of what I don't intend to use, which will include gifting and perhaps selling.


Ria said...

That came out so cool! I love it!

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Thanks Ria.... I will get some dried pics of the front very soon.

Tink's Tinkerings said...

well that's about the cleverest idea i have seen in a while,have you collected any vintage lables yet, that would be cool too, I am having fun here I at you blog today so much to see, thanks for sharing ,,Tink

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