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May 23, 2011

Gardening & Roses

Saturday morning I finished planting the garden. Poo was restricted to inside the house because we had the back gate propped open. He wasn't very happy:

It's amazing what one week and lots of rain will do for the Clematis. WOW there was only one blossom a week ago!

This is a broad view of our back yard.

The Kale, Chard and romaine are coming along nicely.

The kitty pot is doing amazing too!

Saturday evening my husband and I went to the Park of Roses. Let me just say if you are in or around the Columbus area please take a ride over there in the next 10 days. I would guess there are 1,000,000+/- buds ready to pop and the smell is going to be fantastic.

These buds are just a sample of the spectacular to come....

I love love love this picture and I hope you do too.

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