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September 4, 2007

New project started - Pignoli Bag

The Pignoli bag has officially moved from my "project wish list" to my current projects. I love felting, the few pieces that I have done, and they always seem to come out smaller than I anticipated. I fell in love with this bag a while back:
Last week I was in the Yarn Shop and found some yarn that I thought would be perfect. I am using Ecological Wool from cascade Yarns. I am working the piece in brown and beige.

I have ordered the finishing at

4 yards of 2Mm Round Leather Cord - natural

2 Carved Bone Pipe - natural


Minerva Turkey said...

I love the pignoli bag too! I am going to my LYS tomorrow to pick up some fun colors for this project. I am going to destash a bit as well with this one, so I am going to do some stripes. I am going to start mine tomorrow night.

I love the colors you chose. I will definitely be checking back on your progress!

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Cool Shannon.... Do you have a blog where I can watch your progress on the project? I am thinking about making a lace edging on mine at the top to weave the leather cording through to give it a little bit of a feminine touch. I am going to look for ideas today.

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