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September 26, 2007

WOYNW - 9/26

What's on your needles Wednesday: Here is what is on my needles today:

1. Cobblestone Sweater for Hubby - I have knitted the body to the arms. I have casted on and ripped out the first wrist cuff 3 times. It isn't a fitted cuff but it shouldn't be big enough to go around the neck either. So I am going to keep working at it until I get it right. I have gone down needle sizes twice so far.

2. Shell using leftover yarn for me - I have finished the back and have casted on the front and worked one row.

3. Bath Mitt for a gift (Kitchener the mitt closed is all that remains) - I have not touched this over the last week. I think I will hold this and kitchener it with the socks I am working on are ready.

4. Illusion dishcloth for a gift - I have not touched this over the last week.

5. First pair of socks which will be a gift - last night was the final sock class. I am currently working on finishing the second sock of this pair. Then I will have a "graph everything" session.

6. Second pair of socks for Jimmy. I have worked the first sock of a second pair through the heel cup.

7. Super Secret Project. I received the yarn for this project yesterday from knit picks. I won't be able to post details to this blog for at least 6 months. Anyone interested in seeing details on the project and pictures please email me at If you have the appropriate level of clearance I will send update emails. If you don't have appropriate clearance level then you will have to wait for a very special day. Boy you would think this was a CIA case or something. Anyway I have to stop at Heavenly Creations to pick up a circular needle so that I can cast the stitches on for this project. I did cast the stitches on for this project tonight during my knitting group.

What is on your needles today?

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