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December 16, 2007

Best Lights In Columbus, OH!

Jimmy and I have developed a tradition where we take a car ride to view local residential lights. We normally take this drive on a Saturday evening in mid December. We have had the privilege of do this in 3 different states: New York, West Virginia and Ohio.

Last night was our annual ride and we took a similar route we took last year. To our disappointment, even with the fresh snow fall, we found the "display" to be very very LAME!

So Jimmy has created the link above in search of the best lights in Columbus, Ohio. Please be sure to visit it frequently and add any locations you believe are worthy of viewing.

1 comment:

Minerva Turkey said...

My husband and I love to drive through xmas lights. It is one of my favorite traditions of the season. However, this year has been pretty lame in our area as well. I wonder why.

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