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December 30, 2007

Knit-togethers, Sweaters, Temptations, and XBOX 360

Yesterday was belated Christmas around our house.

First thing in the morning I spent a couple hours at Firehouse coffee with a knitting friend. It felt so good to sip coffee, knit, and chat. We compared the lace chart with the written instructions for Swatch 1of the Spring Surprise Shawl (SSS) KAL (which is starting 1/1/08 woooohoooo) and found an error with the written instructions. So since after the first clue is given this week the weekly clues will be published on Tuesdays so I bet Wednesday night knitting group there will be a side bar to go over the weekly clues since there are several of us knitting this SSS.

Next Jimmy and I went out to Temptations (a LYS). I wanted him to pick out the new worsted weight wool so that I can reknit his Koolhaas hat. The first one has a couple problems. It was knit with a variegated yarn and the cables are lost in all the color distractions. Second it is to darn small. So that first one will be donated. I also picked up yarn to make a special pair of socks for a 2008 Christmas gift so I can't give out too much details. (Yep I am already thinking about 2008 Christmas knitting).

Next we went to lunch at a little Irish Pub next door to Temptations. I only mention it because I had something very different. Imagine the insides of a Ruben and then picture the outside casing of an egg roll. Now take the insides of the Ruben and insert them in the egg roll shell. Yep you get Ruben egg rolls. They were very good and were served with a side of 1000 Island dressing.

Next we went on the search for the XBOX360.... Jimmy's belated Christmas gift. Well it wasn't suppose to be a search Jimmy had spent some time calling around yesterday morning and was told the Hillard Meyer store had the one he was looking for so there we went. When we got there we were told "oh no we haven't had any XBOX360's for a while". So there was some minor confusion. So out to the parking lot we went and we sat in the car while making more calls for 30 minutes. Only to find out that the Sam's across the street from the parking lot were were sitting in had 14 of them. I am very glad we didn't start driving around and thank God for cell phones with Internet. Check out the happy gamer:

Is that some cheezen or what?

At home I finally finished seeming my sweater:

Just in time to welcome in the New Year......

I will be getting my belated Christmas gift in the middle of January. We are waiting for Mac World on 1/15 because there are rumors of a new 13" Mac Book Pro to be announced and if that happens there will be a new one "under my tree" that evening. :-)

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