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December 4, 2007

Sinus Misery

Today I went to see a ENT Surgeon (ears nose & throat) after 20+ years of chronic sinus misery. I have been treated for numerous sinus infections over the years ~ three this year alone. A couple weeks ago I had a CAT Scan of my sinuses and today I was able to view the slice by slice pictures of them. Very creepy. The best part of the appointment was when the doctor sprayed numbing crap into my nose and throat. Then ran a scope into my nose to my sinuses and down into my throat through my sinuses. That was special! Basically I didn't learn anything new today. Yep I have a pretty bad deviated septum which is smashed over to the left side of my nose. I had someone ask me today if I have ever been hit in the face. I can't recall but its not out of the question.

Anyway before any decisions are made on what course of action we are going to take I am going to have a couple more tests. Next week I am going to have an allergy test. The great thing about this test is that for six (yes that is 6) days prior to the test I can't take any of my sinus meds. This will leave me pretty useless by Wednesday night. Oh boy I feel sorry for Jimmy. I am miserable enough with the meds right now just think what it will be like later this week. Fun wow! I am also being scheduled for a sleep study. I have been told this isn't so bad if you don't mind things glued to your head and people watching you while you sleep. Oh yeah and you have to spend the night in a strange place.

On my daily checking the news I found this article on the main page of the news site. How apropos:


Betty said...
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Bean Counting Knitter said...

I did talk to an old friend of mine on AIM last night and she reminded me of a work accident I had involving my face and a recycle bin. HUMMMM I did hit my face/nose pretty good that day!

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