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April 7, 2008

Mommy visit

This past weekend my husband and I took a road trip to upstate New York to visit my Mommy. By car it is about 7 hours from our house. Her little log cabin is located in a small community on the shore of Lake Ontario. I spent many hours of my life near that lake from picnicking in the summer to sledding in the winter in Webster Park. Oh yeah and watching the submarine races too.

My Mom is one of 8 kids. My Grandma, or Grammy as I called her, spent six years of her life pregnant (OMG can you imagine?) and countless hours knitting clothes and mittens for those kids. I am one of like 15 grandchildren and there are a fair amount of great grand kids too. Grandma left us 4 years ago this month. She is still greatly missed by my family and always will be. OK I am not sure how I got off on this tangent I guess it is because it was nice to see six of the siblings together including Mom on Saturday. Three of them celebrate April birthdays so Jimmy and I were able to have a birthday lunch with them.

OK so don't these two look like they could be a handful of trouble? Believe me Grammy had the white hair to prove it. They are my Mom's two youngest siblings. The youngest of them is only 6 years older than me. I had the pleasure of living many years under the same roof with them so I consider them more brothers than uncles. One of my fondest memories of these two is them getting into a fist fight and one of them spraying Raid in the face of the other. That incident was all over a telephone conversation with a girl.

My Mommy and her oldest brother and his wife. His birthday is in April too.

This fella is Spooky. He is one of my Mom's villains. He decided he couldn't keep from picking at a sore on his back so he got to wear this and adopted the nickname "Cone Head". He really is a pretty boy but a villain. :-)

This is one of my many Cousins. Isn't she sweet? In the last year and a half she has had not one but two TMJ surgeries. She had two because there was a clown that performed the first one.

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