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June 6, 2008

52 oz. of Hippy Love Man

I was born in the wrong generation. The hippy era was in high gear when I was born and over by the time I reached my teens. I can remember as a small child, before my parents split up, visiting my Grandparent's house, where I would later live from the time is was 8 to 23, where there was a Lava Lamp. I could watch it for hours.

The first Christmas Jimmy and I were together he gave me my very own Lava Lamp. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE I ran that Lava Lamp so much that it would no longer do it Lava bubbly thing.

This week I ordered the mother of all Lava Lamps and it arrived yesterday. Meet my 52 oz. of Lava Love:

I actually read the directions that came with this one and noticed that you shouldn't run it for more than 8 hours at a time. Perhaps I can keep this one bubbling for many years to come. :-)

Should you desire your own hippy lava love you can find all the wonderful ones available here:

And I purchased this 52 oz. at Spencers online.


Lindsey said...
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Bean Counting Knitter said...
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