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June 17, 2008

In the round!

This week my honey is back in Las Vegas for a work conference (umm yeah right.....). So what am I working on? I probably shouldn't post this here but I really don't think he reads my blog at least if he does I hope he still acts surprised.

I am making a splatter painting for his birthday in August. Last night was color # 1 which formed the base. Molly says it looks like baby poop and that I need to get more color on it fast!

Tonight I added the second color. There are three more colors to go! I am letting the colors dry before applying the next color.

These two colors and the remaining three colors are special to us. They are the colors used to paint our downstairs rooms. I am really excited about this project. I hope it doesn't turn out crappy!

I love the sounds of trickling water and so does Poo as evidenced by his filtered water fountain. This week I have been researching how to make a water fountain as a final item for the courtyard patio garden.

Below are some of the resources I have been checking out:

How to make a water fountain from Clay Pots:

Spherical Water fountain:

8- to 9-inch terra-cotta sphere ($16 bucks)

Build a Fountain / Container Combination

Make a Water Fountain

I believe I have decided something like this one:

The instructions for this lovely can be find here:

Spherical Water fountain:

I will probably start working on this in July/August.

Lastly... This was a link I ran across last week from someone's blog. I thought I would share it!
Not for the faint of heart is the Tampon Crafts site. This really shows some creativity. I aspire to be this creative......

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