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September 11, 2008

I feel spoiled....

While my birthday isn't until the end of next month, Jimmy presented me with my gift early. Anyone who knows us will say yeah what makes this year any different? HAHA And they would be right. We are really bad with waiting until the actual special day. Christmas usually happens the whole month of December around here with nothing left for the actual holiday.

Anyway.... This is my new Sony Reader and man let me tell you I really love it. It really does read like a regular book however I wont need an entire room (like the one we have) to store the 150 books it will hold on the internal hard drive. Oh and if I run out of space I can use memory cards too.

The other thing I like about it.... I can take my .PDF pattern files with me for my knitting. :-)

Below are South American goodies brought back by Jasmine's Mommy. Let me tell you that yarn is way yummy and squishy. But the coffee is AMAZING. The finger puppet was made my children being taught to knit.

Off the needles.... Pink wash cloth. Love it!

Off the needles.... Felted balloon purse. This is going to be stuffed with fun stuff and given to a special person for a special day coming up soon.

Finally I decided earlier this week the reason for my procrastination on knitting my Mom's fisherman knit sweater was the Red Heart yarn. While Red Heart has its place I don't think it the best for cables being warn on your body. So off to the knitting store I went. Mom can't wear wool and the garment has to be washable so Jasmine's Mommy recommended this yarn ~ Fantasy by Dark Horse Yarn. It is 50% acrylic and 50% nylon and it feels amazing. Even Jimmy said he would much rather wear something made with this than the Red Heart. :-) Only the best for my Mommy!


Ria said...

I don't like Red heart against my skin, What kind of yarn is that you got?

Bean Counting Knitter said...

It is called Fantasy by Dark Horse Yarns

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