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September 9, 2008

Political RANT

OK... If you are here to see knitting content please stop reading and move on to the next knitting blog on your blog feed list. You will not see any here this time.

I have two political rants (ok three ) to get out. I am not looking for a debate here. I just need to get this garbage (negativity) out of my head before it stews and turns into spoilage.

1. Why do we need 12+ months to elect a new president? I honestly think this is a very conservative time frame since it really is closer to 24 months. I find it hilarious this was pointed out on the Howard Stern show this morning by a member of AC/DC who isn't even an American citizen. We must look like a bunch of buffoons here in the U.S.

2. Normally I keep my month shut when it comes to politics. I keep my opinions to myself and discuss them with a very trusted soul, Jimmy and a very few select others. Well earlier this spring/summer I was in a discussion with a friend. We were discussing "what if Hillary doesn't get it" the nomination. I was so enraged, I said something like "there is no way I will vote for the other" if she doesn't get it. Well at that point I really had no idea what I was committing myself to when I said that... So this is my official notice.... I am reserving my right officially to be a flip flopper just like everyone else. I am not making my official decision until I step into that booth on 11/4.

OK I have one more thing to say on this issue..... If you are an American citizen and 18 or older it is your born right to vote in this election. I feel you have an obligation to vote on 11/4. GET OUT there.... Register and vote. The future of this country is to DAMN important to not vote. Here are five links so that you can Register and read on the candidates. I don't care who you vote for but you have to vote.

Register here:

Presidential Candidates (in alpha order)

John McCain

Barack Obama

VP Candidates (in alpha order)

Joe Biden

Sarah Palin

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