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September 18, 2008

Randon knitting and friends!

Poo and Molly kick of the knitting & friends. Look at that lovely knitting bag. Poo tried to climb in....

My knitting notions pouch has gotten way out of control. On Saturday Poo and I decided to sort and organize the notions. He was a HUGE help!

While the MS4 (Mystery Shawl 4) officially started on 9/5, Kristy, Tami and I started on Sunday during football week 2. We had good food, great sangria and lots of laughs despite the major wind storm that blew in leaving many with out power. I feel sort of guilty that we never lost power.

Tami casting on.
Kristie casting on.
Nice Mark.

MS4 swatch.

Mom's cables recast back.

All the knitting and wind makes Poo a very tired boy!

1 comment:

Ria said...

Poo is just too adorable!! Looks like you had fun with your shawl.


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