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October 30, 2008

Birthday Loot

Today was pretty special. A coworker took me to lunch at swanky Spagio. She had Pumpkin Soup and I the Seafood Bisque for starters and then we split a wood fired wheat crust spicy shrimp pizza. It was a very nice treat.

For dinner we ordered Cafe Courier Mexican food with Mark and Erica. They presented me with an eBay gift certificate which should come in very handy with my crafty purchases.

Tami and Jasmine have tapped into two of my favorite things. Knitting cables are fun and they will be even better with the new cable needles that match my favorite harmony knitting needles. What goes better with knitting but wine with friends? Why it is knitting themed wine glass charms. These are so darn cute!

Our friend Arla dropped by while we were eating dinner and left these cute kitty cat candles. Sorry I didn't get to chat Arla but dinner was sooooo good! They are way too cute to ever light and burn.

So about two weeks ago a box was delivered to me at work out of the blue. Well actually I was told it wasn't out of the blue but I didn't remember/see the note about it being on its way. I am not sure why I assumed it was from my mom based on the vendor listed on the sender label but I did and I was right. Well I am not sure but I think mom was shocked when I decided to wait until my birthday to open the box. This evening before everyone arrived for dinner I opened the box and inside I found a pumpkin cake pan. Mom said she wished I had open it before hand so that Jimmy could make me a pumpkin cake for my birthday. While the thought was amazing I am counting my blessings the Jimmy baking part didn't work out. I can't even imagine the cussing that would have been accomplished during that baking session. Besides the cake Erica and Mark brought was amazing chocolate heaven which I am so happy there is some left to eat over the weekend! The cake that keeps on giving.....

Next in the box were these cute pumpkin lanterns. I will have to dig out some tea lights to burn during our horror flick night tomorrow night.

Thank you Jimmy, Mom, Tami, Jasmine, Molly, Erica & Mark, Arla, and Sarah for making my birthday a very special one! You all rock!

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