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October 29, 2008

Poo Update

Back in April of this year we learned our Poo has a disease called Pemphigus Foliceus. For more details on this disease please see the April posting here.

Prior to this disease surfacing, Poo loved to be brushed. He would sit for an hour at a time and let us brush him. Since the skin eating disease he hates to be brushed. Well that wouldn't be a huge problem if he didn't have 3+ inch hair in some places with 2+ in others. Needless to say he had some pretty nasty mats of hair that just couldn't be worked out and he wouldn't let me cut them out either.

Today Poo went to the vet to have a lion cut shave. Most cats
are not as tolerant of the clippers as dogs and require sedation to be shaved. While Poo was asleep they did his blood work to make sure the daily steroids are not causing damage to his organs as well as clipped his back nails (which he no longer lets me do either). The Vet is concerned about Poo losing 4 #'s since June when they saw him last so additional blood test were done. We will find out later in the week the results of all the blood work.

Poo is our very very special needs kitty kat. We love him to pieces.

1 comment:

rachel joy baransi said...

poor kitty, but he's so cute with his lion cut!

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