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October 20, 2008

A Muir is Born and Poo's Milk Ring

It is starting to get cold.... After a big snow storm earlier this year I started some gloves. Before I could finish the first glove Spring Sprung and the gloves moved to the bottom of the knitting bag. Yesterday morning we woke to thirty degree temps so during football yesterday I dug to the bottom of the knitting bag and pulled out the half knitted gloves. Over the last twenty-four hours I finished the first glove and knit to the fingers on the second glove.

This is the almost finished left side of Mom's cable sweater. My goal was to finish it yesterday so I could get working on the right side but that didn't happen. Hopefully this week!

Jimmy's scarf is about 80% finished and I am trying to finish up the second ball of yarn. He says he wants it 9 feet long. YOWZA

I finished the first repeat of the lace pattern on the Muir. So very beautiful......

Poo loves milk but we recently found out that he also loves milk rings. I think he loves milk rings more than he loves catnip!

1 comment:

Terri said...

One day I'm going to try making gloves. Those look nice and the color is very pretty.

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