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November 17, 2008

Really Snow?

Important business first. On 11/14/08 Poo's glucose level was over 450+ which is well over double what is normal. On Saturday we had him back to the vet and it was 356. Woohoo! It is down around 100 points in just a week. The reduced steroid dose and new diet is working. Thank goodness.

So recently Jasmine, pictured here with her human Tami, introduced Poo and Kiki to milk jug rings.

Poo loves anything to do with milk. He has been running around the house with these things in his mouth meowing like crazy. We have found them in our bed. The other day I found this one in his food bowl. Poo has also learned to fetch these things. Jasmine fetches them too!

Kiki says the heck with fetching.... Let me in the library so I can read Damn IT!

Mom's cables are done! She received the sweater on Saturday and says it fits. I can't wait for her to sew on the buttons and send me pictures of her wearing it! Poo wanted to wear it because baby it is getting cold outside and they shaved me!

So this was the sight first thing this morning. ACK!

I finished my scarf before leaving for the office. It is toasty warm.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting Dances with Wools. I love your cats! We have 3 little fur persons, and Mr. Oh resembles your orange guy so much!

mollylouhoo said...

Yea! I love snow! Also the sweater looks amazing.

Dk's Wife said...

Scarf is very pretty and so is the model :)

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