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December 9, 2008

Giraffes & Rachel

So recently I was tooling around Rachel's Facebook and found the picture above. I freaked out. Those that don't know me very well may not know that I love giraffes. I think they are the most incredible creatures. Anyway I asked Rachel if that was her in the picture as a child and this is what she had to say:

it was taken at this wildlife place in lake erie! i can tell you a great story to go with it too, well in my eyes- not sure if you'll find it that funny.... but my best friends birthday is august 6 and that's always during 'lake erie week' and so for her birthday we went to this animal place and they sold carrots but they were super expensive so we went to the nearest grocery and bought them out of carrots like a BUNCH and it was so fun and everything, but then ever since then she talks about it as the birthday that she only got carrots. haha, she uses that excuse whenever she wants anything! it stirs up guilt in her mom, it's so funny... so she got a super graduation present, in honor of the birthday she only got carrots....... :)

Thanks for letting me share this story and picture Rachel!

1 comment:

Lina said...

What a cute giraffe! :)

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