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December 14, 2008

Tis the season....

The weekend started out with this very cute picture of my boys cuddling on the couch.

Yesterday we had a couple of friends over for some appetizers and dessert. I decided to pull out Grammy's china and dress the table in a lace tablecloth made by my Mom's hands. It was stunning if I say so myself.

The Rubber Tree has been loaded down with gifts. Who knew that a Blue Spruce isn't needed to get the Christmas Mojo working? Perhaps a Palm Tree next year?

After "dinner" conversation.

Now I can give details on two items knitted for Christmas gifts since the recipients have received them. Below is the Pastaza Skull Cap by Angelika Burles. I knit this using Mission Falls Super Wash yarn that is so soft and yummy. Stephen seemed to really enjoy the skull cap which is very rewarding for me as a knitter. I would much rather make things for those who truly appreciate the work that goes into making a hand knitted item. Sure it is easy to go to the store and buy a skull cap. It would probably be much cheaper between not only the monetary investment and the hours of time to create the piece. He did say he would much rather receive a hand made item than a store bought one.

It is funny... Back during the summer I made these fingerless mitts. Arla tried them on when they were finished without knowing they would eventually be hers for Christmas. She was excited to receive them. She is also wearing the Friendship Scarf I made for her last year's Christmas gift. The mitts are Fingerless Mitts by Ann Budd from the Weekend Knitting and were knit using Mission Falls Super Wash yarn.

Ohhhhh and I received this cutie from Arla. I am going to find a cute hook to hang her from that will display her with the rest of my collection in our office. She is currently hanging from one of the spice drying rods in the kitchen. So frigging cute.

So this was the Clapotis as of yesterday morning. I have actually cranked out a bunch more on it today so the picture is a bit dated. I should have this finished soon and I can't wait to block and wear it. Very exciting knit!

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