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December 15, 2008

I call it a yarn hamster ball....

They call it a Fibersphere. Friday I ordered a yarn hamster ball from Stitch Diva Studio. Today it arrived!
This is good for at least 10 minutes of Kitty entertainment. :-)

Just say "No" to tangles: Keep your yarn untangled, clean and ready for seamless supply to your hook or needles!

Fibersphere not only protects your yarn as you work, here's the value:

  • Effortless Supply: Whether you have a center-pull or old-fashioned wound ball, the spherical and highly polished cavity of the fibersphere keeps your yarn running smoothly.
  • No Snags: The smooth patented opening on the sphere will not snag or catch your yarn.
  • No Cutting: No need to cut your yarn to remove, simply open the sphere.

Fibersphere is available in 2 convenient sizes:

  • 7" Diameter for general use. These come packaged in a clear vinyl drawstring bag.
  • 5" Diameter stand-alone sphere for on-the-go protection.

Fibersphere is available in 2 translucent colors:

  • Clear
  • Translucent Pink: Fibersphere will donate 5% of the cost of each pink Fibersphere purchase to breast cancer research.

Check it out! Stitch Diva Studios designer and owner Jennifer Hansen discovered Fibersphere at a knit and crochet show. She finds them particularly useful when making the Stashbuster Blanket and loves how the 7" spheres allow her to have one yarn in the sphere and the other in it's enclosing bag! Check out her picture to the left as she makes a blanket using her trusty 3 Fiberspheres using the 3-Color Tunisian technique. She's got one Fibersphere for each group of yarns used!

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