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August 31, 2009

Who knew?

My Grammy had a huge hanging Wax Plant in a window and that thing would bloom like crazy. The blooms put off this amazing scent that filled the house. Just an incredible memory. When Grammy passed I was lucky enough to receive a clipping from her plant. I have been babying this plant for 5 years now with no luck getting it to blossom. This summer I put it out on our front porch and guess what?????????????? Check it out! It has one grouping of blossoms and over the weekend they popped open. :-) I just know Grammy is smiling down and this is proof. 
It is that time of year again where the plants have to move back inside. Jimmy calls it my jungle. I will take some picture of the corner of our living room and you can judge for yourself if it is a jungle. He has also imposed a plant moratorium on me. Hummmm we shall see how that plays out. Anyway this is a picture of the plants/shelves over the bay window. I will have to dig out a picture from last year so we can see the progress of growth the plants made outside this summer. 
The Earl Grey picture is a new addition. Jimmy and I went to a consignment shop in Hilliard over the summer and I found it for a couple bucks. I was tickled since Earl Grey is my favorite tea! 
As a side note... Upon entering the kitchen this morning I discovered the plant on the right of this shell took a nose dive overnight. The pot shattered and I will have to find a new pot to put that little baby into. I think I have to get back up and string the vines along the shelves rather than let them hang over the edge because it is just too much weight for the little pot to handle.

Yesterday we decided to check out Griggs Reservoir. I feel almost ashamed to say this but we drive past this little park daily and who knew? We have been missing out on this little gem.

First off the stairs. Oh my the stairs. I have a fear of stairs since falling down a full flight of fire escape stairs at work over almost 2 decades ago. I had a lovely ride in an abulance that day but thankfully I was just bruised and banged up. So the stairs were a bit intimidating for me but I overcame my fear and made it down without falling. :-)

I am so glad I did because this was the reward. OMG, while it isn't Niagra Falls where I just happened to have spent many many hours/days since I lived so close, this was a heavenly treat for sure. :-) Heck we use to go over to the Canadian side when we were 18 - 20 just so we could drink legally (ummm I bet Mom didn't know this). They have now passed a law in Canada if you are a US citizen you must be 21 to drink. At least that is the "rumors" I have heard. No fun!
I had been fighting with a sweater I was working on. Actually I was going to give up on it early last week but one of my cousins gave me a kick in the butt on FB by telling me Grammy woudln't give up and that I shouldn't either. I really really tried with this damn thing. However, I have decided that the pattern is just writting to vague and I just need to let it go. So yesterday I frogged it....
I am at peace with my decision.


Jackie F. said...

Ah yes, Hayden Falls! I grew up in Hilliard, yet never visited Hayden Falls until I was a senior in high school. Back then there were no signs or stairs, and not everyone knew about it. I think the stairs and signs are only a few years old.

Jackie F. said...

BTW, here's a nice waterfall site that has a page dedicated to Hayden Falls and included video:

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Thanks for the information Jackie... Very very cool!

Ria said...

Those falls are beautiful!! Very jealous!! I didn't put some of my plants outside this year because I was afraid they'd be too big to get back in-

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