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January 6, 2011

Action plan needed......

So I have been thinking. Yeah I know that is probably dangerous but whatever!

I need a plan to conquer the 12 projects in my 2011 Finishing Project. I have come up with the plan of attack. Every Thursday, until they are finished or frogged, I am going to select three projects from the remaining list and I am going to focus on those projects for the next week.

This weeks selection are:

Square Me Some Simple Reading Knitting (2011 Finish # 10)
Bean Counter's Baudelaire (2011 Finishing # 15)
Shadow Shoulder Shawl (2011 Finish # 4)

Perhaps I will take pictures of the current state of the projects and at the end of the week another round of pictures for progress show and tell.

This is a work in progress. I know that I need to take action to be successful and this is my action plan today.

1 comment:

NextVanGogh said...

So I know this is a few weeks late... I've been off the blogs, but this sounds like a good plan. Hope it's working for you.

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