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January 30, 2011

Conquering Intimidation!

My husband surprised me with a Nikon Colorpix 7000 for Christmas. Quite honestly I have been scared it. I would take it out of the case, take a couple pictures and put it away, which isn't how I normally roll. I take pictures of everything.  

I had some serious intimidation going on with this camera. I am glad he didn't purchase the full on SLR because I might have broken out in hives or something. 

A couple weeks ago I met up with a friend at Barnes and Noble. While there I purchased Digital Photography For Dummies. I have been reading a few pages a day and I think it's slowly sinking in. 

Confession: I didn't have the guts to show my friend the book because I was feeling very dumb . She takes awesome pictures with her SLR camera.  

 This past week I decided to embrace my inner child and let myself enjoy the process of taking photos and learning. This morning I took this picture.  Its of a tomato plant growing in my Aerogarden.  I love the detail of the tiny fibers on the leaves and branches. Yep that is a baby tomato growing there too.

Yesterday was craft area clean-up day. Poo and Kiki love when Mommy plays in her stash. Kiki liked the bowl from Global Gallery where I keep various yarn balls/hanks acquired until they are incorporated into stash. 

Its pretty rare to be empty and she didn't miss a beat to fill it with her sexy self. Poo on the other hand had fun making a bed out of the 9+ hanks of Tahki Donegal Tweed. The two ball/hank of red were left over from my Sonya's Susie Hoodie. The other 7 hanks were a gift from a friend. I am searching out a pattern for a sweater to use these 9 ball/hanks. 

This yarn is amazing!


VeganCraftastic said...

Your tomato pic looks awesome - have fun with your photography adventures!

Ria said...

Have a great time with your camera! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Poo and Kiki are as always adorable!

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