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January 25, 2011

Work in progress

It is funny.... I recently had my hair cut VERY short. There has been mix reaction. There are those that come up and excitedly say something like your hair is amazing. Then there are those that either don't say anything and act like nothing has changed or those that say wow your hair is really short. I know this later crowd doesn't really care for it. At first I was hurt but now I think it is funny. People are judgmental ~ myself included. I have been working on my judgmental self. I am a work in progress and I need to remember everyone else is too.

Yarn is a work in progress. It is fiber that has been spun into yarn. Yarn is then used to make something so it is a work in progress.

One of the projects I am working on is with Noro. Noro is amazing. The colors are rich and just make me happy. There is one thing that has pissed me off with this round of Noro. It is the breaks in the yarn. I realize yarn can't go on forever. I have come to accept there will be yarn splits. What really gets me mad is when the join is knotted very tight. This doesn't get me as mad, though, as when the yarn joined is a patterned color yarn and joined in the reverse order. WTF?

I was listening to the latest Knitmore Girls Episode 136 this morning and they discussed yarn splits too. They had been reading EZ recently who was of the school that one should write the manufacture when a yarn split is found in a ball. I believe there is an acceptable number of splits per ball in the yarn industry. More than 3 (??) in one ball is considered a no no and you should be able to get a refund. I am sure someone will read this and post further details.

So all this said... Yarn is a work in progress. I think sometimes I can get all spun up and it really just depends on how tolerant I am and can be as with anything in this wonderful life. 

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Anonymous said...

Yay for this post! "Work in progress" is my tag line on Facebook, and I recently purchased the knitting journal with this name illustrated by Franklin Habit. I may just use it as a life journal, though with the insane amount of knitting I'm doing these days, that's pretty much the same thing. :-D

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