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July 12, 2011

EZ Garter Stitch

I have been on a spiritual path for a few years now. I wont get into my beliefs here but I will say I have been running across my connection with something greater than myself repeatedly this year. First, was standing at the ocean in Florida. Another time was at the Redwoods outside of San Francisco. This time was on a walk through Glacier Ridge Metro Park with my better half. It was a very hot late afternoon so we walked a very short trail through the woods.

This entry was so inviting on a hot muggy afternoon.

And here is the photo that captures my spiritual collision. Something about the sun shinning through the treetops just stops me in my tracks. :-)

I received the newest EZ book, Knit One Knit All. I am not sure what I will knit first from it but there are a few items on my list and those include Add-a-Booties, Chambered Nautilus Tam and Icelandic Overblouse.I also ordered some of EZ's favorite stitch markers when I placed the order from Schoolhouse Press. I am still not sure about if I like the stitch markers or not. I will let you know....


Ria said...

Are those safety pins???

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Actually they are called Coilless Pins and can be found on this link @ Schoolhouse Press:

Robin said...

I've asked the library to purchase that book. EZ had a spiritual path, but I can't always see it. I have been on my own quest for a few years and can appreciate yours.

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